Streamline your appointment processes with OTYS Appointmentmaker and boost productivity.

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Effortless Appointment Management with OTYS Appointmaker

OTYS Appointmaker simplifies scheduling for recruiters. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 calendars, offering features like video chats via MS Teams or Google Meet.

New features and integrations
It even supports Indeed interviews and future Zoom integration. Recruiters can arrange interviews between candidates and employers, access colleagues' calendars with authorization, and utilize the OTYS Calendar Wizard for candidate and contact scheduling through websites.

Efficiency redefined
This innovative feature drastically reduces the time required to book appointments, cutting it from an average of 13 minutes down to a mere 3, all while seamlessly linking appointments to the CRM and specifying their purpose, be it interviews, intakes, or other crucial interactions.

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Recruitment site

With OTYS Go! your candidate journey is bound to be not just efficient but truly exceptional.

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Unlocking your recruitment potential with a connected website

In the competitive world of recruitment, your online presence is everything. A stellar recruitment site isn't just an asset; it's a powerful tool for building your employer brand and crafting the ideal candidate journey. At OTYS, we understand the key role a well-crafted recruitment site plays in your success.

Seamless integration for maximum efficiency

Having a fantastic careers site is only half the battle. It's equally important to seamlessly integrate it with an ATS like OTYS Go! This integration not only simplifies the job posting process but also streamlines application management. Candidates get a smooth experience, while recruiters gain unparalleled efficiency.

Casting a wider net

Expanding your reach is essential. With OTYS Go! you can effortlessly distribute your job-posts  with OTYS Jobdistribution tools to various platforms like Indeed, Linkedin,, and Google for Jobs. This means more eyes on your vacancies and a broader pool of talented candidates to choose from.

Multi-brand molutions

Recruitment isn't always confined to a single brand. OTYS recognizes this, and our system supports multi-brands. Whether you're managing recruitment for multiple brands/ companies or catering to diverse niches, we've got you covered.

Tailored solutions for every recruiter

OTYS offers a versatile suite of tools to cater to all types of recruiters. From our ready-to-go Careerpage solution to specialized tools like Serena, Booston, Steets, and Resourcelab, we provide the resources you need to excel. Plus, our connectors enable seamless integration with platforms like WordPress, Hubspot and Sitecore, ensuring you have all the tools at your disposal to succeed in the dynamic world of recruitment.

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Diplomas, professional qualifications, and identity information verified within minutes. With Otentica, you automate pre-employment screening across all sectors.

What is pre-employment screening?

Pre-employment screening, in short, is a background check on job applicants and existing employees. The purpose of pre-employment screening is to assess and verify the suitability and reliability of candidates, as well as to minimize risks related to fraud, theft, security, and compliance with laws and regulations.

Why screen with Otentica?

Research shows that job applicants often present falsehoods to improve their chances, ranging from embellishing resumes to serious fraud involving diplomas, identity, and professional qualifications. Because companies find it challenging to assess this risk, thorough pre-employment screening is essential to detect misconduct. With Otentica, not only is the onboarding time for new candidates reduced, but the 'candidate experience' is also optimized through a fully digital, simple, and user-friendly approach.

Through Otentica, various details of the applicant are requested and verified, including:

  • ID information (passport, driver's license, etc.)
  • Verification of education and diplomas (DUO)
  • Professional qualifications
  • Banking information
  • Company details (Chamber of Commerce & VAT)
  • Criminal history (Certificate of Good Conduct)

For whom?

Otentica is the ultimate screening solution for any organization. Regardless of the sector, Otentica can be used to thoroughly check personnel. In addition to screening potential candidates, it may be interesting to screen current employees in the case of job changes, organizational changes such as mergers, changed personal situations, and new regulations. This way, you can identify risk factors and keep personnel records up-to-date.

About the integration

The integration with Otentica enables OTYS customers to screen (future) personnel from within their own OTYS environment. This increases efficiency, ensures compliance with laws and regulations, and prevents information from being fragmented throughout an organization (GDPR).

OTYS Dossier

In all OTYS modules, the Dossier serves as a centralized hub for storing and managing all activities and communications.


Data management with comprehensive Dossier

This feature streamlines data access and retrieval, enabling users to efficiently filter and search for specific information. Dossier comprehensively stores emails, WhatsApp messages, notes, documents, files, tasks, calendar items, and more.

Enhanced recruitment and HR processes

This consolidated repository simplifies data management, enhancing productivity and organization across various aspects of recruitment and HR processes. Emails and calendar items can be synchronized between M365 and Google.

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Textkernel is used by OTYS Go! and offers CV parsing.


Auto Textkernel function in OTYS

Without requiring any previous processing, the Auto Textkernel function automatically searches the OTYS CV database and parses CVs for prospects. This streamlines recruitment operations by improving later steps in the process, such as enhanced search and match capabilities and the production of branded resumes for clients.

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OTYS TK Reader

In your role as a recruiter, you routinely receive numerous resumes from various sources such as jobboards, partner agencies, or even directly from applicants.


Automating with TK Reader

Traditionally, creating candidate profiles would involve a manual process. However, with TK Reader, you have the option to automate this task.

Automating candidate

You can configure TK Reader to automatically scan all incoming emails from specific sources, searching for attachments. Once detected, the attachments seamlessly undergo processing to create candidate profiles.

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