OTYS Procedures

Revolutionize Recruitment with OTYS Procedures, Integrations, and Assessments

Unlocking comprehensive candidate assessment

As a recruiter, you recognize the importance of making informed decisions when evaluating candidates. OTYS Procedures offers options that allowing you to customize your assessment process to align perfectly with your company's unique requirements.

Seamless integration for enhanced assessment

Furthermore, OTYS Procedures provides the flexibility to seamlessly integrate additional tools into your assessment workflow. These tools can validate candidate data and documents, ensuring that essential information and credentials are both collected and verified as part of the assessment process.

Elevating the recruitment experience

Through the synergy of OTYS Procedures, OTYS Forms, OTYS Automations, and the incorporation of external assessment tools such as TMA, Drillster, and The Selectionlab, you can elevate critical phases of your recruitment and selection process.

Transparently outlines

This approach empowers you to make objective, data-driven decisions about each candidate, while also maintaining a detailed record that transparently outlines the rationale for their progression or rejection within the procedure.

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Thomas van Schaik Manager Customer Success