Remote Apply

Candidates can conveniently apply on their preferred jobboards without leaving the platform.


Boost conversions with OTYS Remote Apply!

This seamless process not only enhances convenience but also leads to higher conversion rates, as demonstrated by our client studies, where OTYS Remote Apply achieved 2 to 4 times more conversions!

Boost your conversion on leading platforms

Several platforms are already using this unique feature, including and This has led to a conversion increase for OTYS customers of 50% to more than 300% on these platforms, significantly enhancing your chances of successful placements

Streamline the application process on external platforms

Whether you're hiring truck drivers and want to know their specific driver's license type or seeking an administrator experienced with certain software, each unique OTYS application form allows you to request the right information from applicants independent where they apply to your job. The data is pushed directly into OTYS easy and fast for each applicant.

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Thomas van Schaik Manager Customer Success