Recruitment and staffing agencies know that relationships are at the core of success. OTYS CRM is your secret weapon for maintaining vital connections with customers and prospects.

Streamlined Sales with OTYS Salestracker

Keep your deals in check effortlessly with OTYS Salestracker. It empowers you to track and nurture your opportunities, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Seamless integration for ultimate efficiency

OTYS CRM seamlessly integrates with Jobdigger and Actonomy & Jobadvertsdata, delivering a steady stream of leads and new job listings straight to your OTYS system. Stay ahead of the game by having the latest opportunities at your fingertips.

Maximizing matchmaking potential

Combine Actonomy and Simplerecruiter with OTYS to unearth hidden gems. Match jobs from outside OTYS with the perfect candidates from your talentpool and impress your leads with promising talent. Boost your sales cycle like never before with OTYS CRM!

Enhance your recruitment activities with OTYS CRM and achieve maximum efficiency.