Striving for the perfect match

In the world of recruitment, everything revolves around finding the optimal combination between employers and candidates. This process can often pose a complex challenge. At OTYS, we strive to innovate and stay ahead. And now, with the most recent launch of OTYS Go!, we are taking a significant step towards innovation with our brand-new website.

For recruiters, by recruiters

OTYS' motto is "for recruiters, by recruiters." This means that we understand what recruiters truly need. We know that efficiency and effectiveness are crucial in this demanding field. OTYS' software is designed to assist recruiters at every step, from managing job vacancies to finding the perfect candidate.

The profession of a recruiter is becoming increasingly versatile and demanding. And the more complex the recruiter's work becomes, the simpler the software they work with should be.

Bert Koning

A new look

The new OTYS website welcomes visitors with a fresh, contemporary appearance. The clean and intuitive design provides a pleasant user experience, whether you are a seasoned recruiter or just starting in the field. The website is organized, easy to navigate, and offers valuable information for both new and existing customers.

Find your perfect match

Our website contributes to supporting and enriching recruiters in their quest for the perfect match between employers and candidates. Take a look at our new website and discover how we can help you optimize your recruitment process!