Automate and accelerate your recruitment process step by step with OTYS

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) provides you as a recruiter with a complete solution for identifying, assessing, and managing candidates, as well as streamlining application procedures and formalizing job offers.

OTYS is specifically developed with the daily challenges of recruiters in mind. This allows for more efficient work and quicker matches. With the smart use of technology, OTYS helps you stay a step ahead in the talent hunt. In this blog post, we will guide you through the OTYS step-by-step plan - from sourcing candidates to process optimization - to show you how simple your recruitment can be!

Step 1: sourcing candidates

With OTYS, candidate sourcing begins with effectively identifying and adding potential candidates to your talent pool. This approach can be further enhanced by integrating the NIXZ Plugin (SimpleRecruiter), allowing you to identify and add candidates directly from popular job sites and social media platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed. This significantly boosts your recruitment process, making it more efficient and enabling you to attract top talent.

With NIXZ, we are now truly first on the market and first to have a list of suitable candidates.

Pien van der Kamp | Caesar SharedFlex

Step 2: candidate management

Once a candidate responds, OTYS automatically creates a profile filled with information from the candidate, which is further supplemented as more data becomes available. OTYS tracks every step of a candidate within the recruitment process, including relevant details and tags. Additionally, all email communication with the candidate is automatically stored in the dossier. This ensures that even if you take a day off, your colleagues can easily read all communication and stay informed. This way, every candidate is closely followed and managed until the next phase.

Step 3: pre-selection of candidates

Once candidates are added to the database, OTYS helps you as a recruiter by thoroughly checking all collected information to ensure they meet the set requirements. The system automatically filters based on skills, experience, education, and certifications, allowing you to see which candidates may be suitable. You then review the pre-selection, paying extra attention to aspects such as personality and cultural fit. Candidates who do not fit the vacancy at that moment but could be valuable for future opportunities are placed in the talent pool, thus retaining valuable potential for your organization.

Step 4: finalizing the selection process

Once the desired candidate for a specific vacancy is chosen, OTYS initiates the next steps. The system automatically provides contract proposal templates, where you as a recruiter only need to fill in the agreed employment terms. With a simple click of the send button, the contract proposal is sent to the candidate. When the candidate accepts the proposal, this is also automatically processed in the candidate's dossier.

We aim for quality, engagement, and flexibility. The OTYS applications help us because they optimize our work, improve our accessibility, and generate new leads.

Kyla Lowe
Manager of Projects & Quality

Step 5: onboarding

The onboarding phase is crucial for the long-term retention of talent. Research by Zavvy shows that a good onboarding process increases the likelihood by 69% that employees will stay with an organization for more than three years. OTYS addresses this by streamlining the onboarding process. Once a candidate is hired, you can easily assign and track onboarding tasks through OTYS. OTYS ensures that all necessary data is integrated with onboarding and payroll systems, such as AFAS. By managing specific tasks and deadlines within the ATS, OTYS helps ensure that new employees are well-equipped to start successfully and stay on schedule. This ensures a smooth start for new employees.

Step 6: process optimization

Efficiency in the recruitment process requires insight into performance data. OTYS, in collaboration with partners, offers comprehensive reporting and analysis functions to help you as a recruiter monitor your processes and make data-driven decisions. This partnership enriches OTYS with the ability to optimize not only internal processes but also collaborations with external suppliers through the supplier portal. Here, suppliers can add candidates and track their submissions, while recruiters can see which supplier referred each candidate, enhancing efficiency and external collaborations.


OTYS is the ultimate tool for recruiters when it comes to automating, accelerating, and optimizing the recruitment process. It allows you to focus on what truly matters: finding the best candidates for the organization.

With OTYS, your indispensable partner in recruitment, you elevate the recruitment process to a higher level. Discover how OTYS can revolutionize your recruitment efforts. Contact us today for a demo or visit our website for more information.