Corporate Recruitment

As a corporate recruiter at a medium to large organization with a large HR department, or perhaps at a fast-growing scale-up, you are faced with the challenge of finding the right talents that fit within your company culture and contribute to the growth of your organization.

Clear & time-saving

Manage your job openings, candidates, and administrative tasks effortlessly in one system. Maintain clarity and concentrate on finding the right candidates. As a corporate recruiter, you face high workloads and limited time. OTYS provides efficient features to save time in your recruitment process, allowing you to focus on selecting the best candidates.


As a corporate recruiter, you deal with high workload and limited time. OTYS offers efficient features to save time in your recruitment process, so you can focus on selecting the best candidates.

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Scalability and flexibility

Whether you have a small team or a larger HR department, OTYS is easily scalable and adaptable to your specific needs. It offers all the necessary modules to involve your stakeholders in the process and makes managing vacancies and candidates easy.


OTYS offers seamless integrations with the most commonly used software solutions, allowing you to centralize your recruitment process from A to Z in one system.


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Hiring Manager Portal
The OTYS Hiring Manager Portal is designed for corporate recruiters seeking collaboration with colleagues in the hiring process.
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Our clients hire good temporary workers themselves, while other temporary workers become self-employed. By serving both groups together with their employers and clients, we are capitalizing on that development. This is more interesting than just temping.

Jeffrey van Oostrum
Owner Blue Beaver

The software is user-friendly and clear and can easily be scaled up on a modular basis. If you grow as a company, you can also grow in your use of certain modules of OTYS. In doing so, you are not ‘bothered’ by all kinds of functionalities you don’t need.

Karlijn van der Noll
Recruiment marketeer & senior consultant

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