Corporate Email & Calendar

Efficient recruitment relies on integrated email and calendar tools, a service OTYS has provided for over two decades. All communications and activities, involving candidates and colleagues, are neatly stored in individual dossiers for easy retrieval and action by your recruiters.

Simple synchronization

OTYS has been integrating with Outlook for over 15 years. For Google users, there's also good news, as OTYS supports this other popular email and calendar system. OTYS offers solutions to synchronize all your emails and calendar items with Outlook and Gmail. Alternatively, you can choose to forward only the emails that are relevant to your OTYS system.

Optimal integrations for your workflow

In OTYS, you can easily link emails and calendar appointments to all your work processes, whether it's for job applications, sales processes, placements. The best part is that many of these connections are established automatically.

Handy Outlook add-In | coming soon

We will launch a convenient Outlook add-in that enables you to use various smart OTYS tools within Outlook. This includes creating tasks, setting reminders, generating new candidates from emails, parsing resumes received via email, and even adding new clients or contacts, just like you can already do in the OTYS mail screen.

More information about the possibilities?