Corporate Jobdistribution

Maximize your job listings' impact with OTYS Job Feeder!

Maximize your job listings' impact with OTYS Job Feeder – a free tool included in your OTYS license! Effortlessly posts all your jobs automatically from OTYS Go! to affiliated boards like Indeed,, and jobrapido.

Streamline applications and boost conversions with OTYS Remote Apply!

Candidates can conveniently apply on their preferred job boards without leaving the platform. This seamless process not only enhances convenience but also leads to higher conversion rates, as demonstrated by our client studies, where OTYS Remote Apply achieved 2 to 4 times more conversions!

Seamless job distribution: OTYS + Kombo Integration

Explore the future of recruitment with OTYS! Effortlessly link with ATS systems via Kombo, automating recruiter job postings. Securely transmit candidates through APIs, eliminating outdated email CVs. Enhance efficiency, security, and GDPR compliance. If your ATS lacks API connectivity, leverage the OTYS Supplier portal to distribute jobs to your applicant suppliers.

Convenience and savings with the OTYS Vacancyshop

Previously, posting single paid job campaigns through OTYS was inefficient, involving manual input or agency fees. Introducing the OTYS Vacancyshop: purchase campaigns, select channels, and make immediate payments. Monthly billing, linked to 2,000+ global job platforms. Members gain discounts on popular sites, turning their subscription into substantial savings, even for low-volume postings. Subscribe now to access valuable OTYS discounts.

Maximize candidate reach with OTYS JobTargeting

Discover the power of OTYS JobTargeting! Use OTYS GPT to write tailored job listings for specific subtarget groups based on factors like experience levels or full-time vs. part-time positions. Easily translate and publish these listings using OTYS Vacancyshop versioning. Unleash the potential of precise job targeting with real-world examples at your fingertips!

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