Candidate Management

In the dynamic world of recruitment, maintaining a robust talent database is non-negotiable. Your star candidates are your future placements, and staying top of mind is crucial. With OTYS Go! you're armed for success. 

Personalized job matching

With OTYS Online Job Presentation, you can send your selected talents a matching job with a personalized note. Or if you want to automate it even further you can use OTYS Jobsearch agents and have your candidate’s setup a match profile themselves.

Automation amplifies efforts

OTYS Go! seamlessly integrates with recruitment marketing automation (RMA) tools like Hubspot, Mailchimp, Mautic, and Active Campaign. Plus, we've partnered with Dropsolid, Talentir, and Dripps to supercharge your talent campaigns. With marketing automation you can create re-activation campaigns for each Talentpool or targetgroup within your candidate database making managing a large database of Talents easy.

Precision and personalization

In OTYS Go!, pinpointing candidates is a breeze. Sort by last contact date, website visit history, or engagement score, tailored to the algorithm of your RMA tool. OTYS Go! will watch out for dormant candidates - your integrated automation solution will alert you when they're back in action!

Master your talentpool with OTYS Go!