Unleash the power of Talentpool: Your advanced solution for uncovering and hiring top-tier talent. Explore how Talentpool can revolutionize your recruitment game.


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What exactly is a Talentpool? It's your treasure trove of past applicants, ready to help you fill new roles and propel your organization toward its long-term aspirations.

Enhance your recruitment efficiency with Talentpool

Whether you're embarking on large-scale hiring, hunting for specialized skills, or seeking to streamline and automate your recruitment procedures, OTYS Talentpool delivers the tailor-made solution you crave.

Tap into a wellspring of talent

OTYS Talentpool serves as your advanced applicant tracking module, cataloging both active and passive candidates from diverse sources: jobportals, career websites, referrals, social media, agencies, and referral programs.

Unlock actionable insights

With automated screening, evaluation, and onboarding processes, you can swiftly onboard top talent. Plus, gain priceless insights into process efficiency through accessible reports. Your recruitment journey just got smarter.

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