Simplify secondment tasks with OTYS Go!. Flexibility is key in talent mediation. OTYS Staffing accommodates project contracting, temp workers, contract-to-permanent hires, and freelancers, with all OTYS Recruiter features for seamless temporary and permanent recruitment.

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Excel in a competitive market

Enhance your secondment operations with OTYS: streamline recruitment, oversee secondment processes, and automate administration. Excel in this competitive market by tailoring the system to your unique recruitment processes. OTYS offers user-friendly tools, adaptable workflows, and the flexibility to either adopt best practices or customize automations to align seamlessly with your methods.

Complete control over your staffing processes

Gain full control over the staffing process with ease. Manage projects, create schedules, and monitor seconded staff availability effortlessly. Real-time insights and reporting empower proactive actions, bottleneck reduction, and agency productivity optimization. OTYS Staffing caters to startups, SMEs, and larger organizations, helping you excel in professional recruitment and contracting services.

Optimize recruiting, management, and compliance

With OTYS Go!, the administrative burden of secondment is considerably reduced. You can effortlessly draw up contracts, manage payroll and comply with laws and regulations. Our automated processes save valuable time, minimize errors and ensure you are always in compliance with rules and regulations.

Boost your staffing activities

Optimize your staffing activities with OTYS: efficient recruitment, control over secondment processes and automated administration. Reach your goals and grow successfully in this competitive market.

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OTYS Timesheets offer robust validation features, ensuring accurate and error-free time tracking.
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Leads and Deals
Efficient lead and sales management for your organization. Gain insights into your sales processes and maximize your revenue.
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Our advanced solution for uncovering and hiring top-tier talent.
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Online CV Presentation
Present your candidates to your clients in a consistent format each time.
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The software is user-friendly and clear and can easily be scaled up on a modular basis. If you grow as a company, you can also grow in your use of certain modules of OTYS. In doing so, you are not ‘bothered’ by all kinds of functionalities you don’t need.

Karlijn van der Noll
Recruiment marketeer & senior consultant

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