Leads and Deals

Efficient lead and sales management for your organization. Gain insights into your sales processes and maximize your revenue.

A clear overview of your sales processes

With OTYS's Sales Tracker, you'll get a clear and organized view of all sales processes within your organization. Whether it's ongoing deals, potential leads, or future opportunities, you'll always have a structured overview of the past, present, and future. Through intuitive dashboards and pipelines, you'll have control over your sales process, allowing you to efficiently manage leads and sales trajectories.

Maximize your revenue with essential insights

One of the essential aspects of our Sales Module is revenue insight. It's always displayed in conjunction with 'probability,' 'value,' 'number of visits,' and 'maximum probability.' This way, you'll have a clear view of your current sales performance, previous months, and expected results in the upcoming months. With OTYS, you have the right tools at your disposal to maximize your revenue and make informed decisions.

Optimize your sales process with the salestracker

OTYS's Salestracker streamlines lead and sales processes, seamlessly integrating with OTYS CRM and other modules. Real-time insights into 'Leads' and 'Opportunities' empower you to control sales and CRM activities. Transparent conversions and predictable outcomes via clear dashboards and pipelines enable effective lead and sales trajectory management, mapping past, present, and future with precision.

Optimize your sales process today