Corporate HrCore / HRIS

Connect your ATS and HRIS with OTYS for streamlined HR processes. We partner with Kombo, Solid Online, and Xa Flow to offer seamless integration with systems like Afas, Personio, and more, enhancing productivity and accuracy.

Two-way integration for enhanced collaboration

Connecting your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and HR Information System (HRIS) in a two-way manner with OTYS is a game-changer for your organization. It means that not only can you effortlessly process new job openings in your HR system and push them to OTYS for recruitment, but you can also synchronize employee data between the two systems.

Elevate your recruitment strategy with seamless ATS-HRIS integration

This synchronization empowers your internal recruitment, talent development, and collaborative efforts including sending referrals. With all employees potentially assisting in the hiring process, you're fostering a culture of active participation in recruitment, driving efficiency, and strengthening your talent pipeline.

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