Akyla was founded in 1999 and specializes in e-process automation, enhancing efficiency by automating business processes using web-based solutions. Based in Enschede, Akyla serves the market through three business units: e-UUR, Projects, and Outsourcing.

Not all hours are the same

e-UUR was developed by Akyla in collaboration with organizations such as ABU and TNO and is employed in the temporary employment, secondment, and payroll industries. The e-UUR concept for online time registration, digital pay slips, digital invoices, and mobile communication is offered as a fully hosted solution, bringing about increased efficiency and insight.

All custom projects for various industries, in which web-based information technology is utilized to optimize the customer's business operations, are managed under the projects business unit.

Integration of e-UUR and OTYS

The partnership with Akyla arose from the need to integrate the Flex Manager of OTYS with an invoicing tool. Akyla offers a module for staffing agencies to manage digital invoicing, involving three parties: consultant, client, candidate. Clients of OTYS can utilize this module from the OTYS Flex Manager to validate the placements of temporary workers and transfer data from these placements to e-UUR. With the integration between OTYS and Akyla, you can easily exchange various data between the two systems. This integration enables the semi-automatic transfer of candidate data, client data, and placement data to e-UUR, Akyla's product integrated with OTYS.

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