OTYS Timesheets offer robust validation features, ensuring accurate and error-free time tracking. Recruiters can validate timesheets with ease, providing a seamless experience for both workers and customers.

Timely reminders

OTYS Go! doesn't just stop at timesheet creation; it sends timely reminders via email and WhatsApp to workers, prompting them to fill in their timesheets promptly. This proactive approach ensures compliance and helps maintain up-to-date records.

Secure links

One standout feature of OTYS Timesheets is the ability to send secure links to candidates and customers. These links grant access to the correct page without requiring login credentials. Moreover, they can be set to expire after a specific time frame or a maximum number of openings, enhancing security.

Integration flexibility

OTYS is versatile and can integrate seamlessly with third-party timesheet systems via Solid Online or XA Flow. Whether you use Easyflex, Yoobi, Timechimp, Helloflex, Afas, or others, OTYS ensures compatibility and a smooth workflow.

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