Easyflex and OTYS have joined forces, allowing OTYS customers to manage their payroll and invoicing from one system thanks to the integration.

Easyflex is a software system tailored to staffing agencies. They specialize in the processes following the hiring of a candidate, encompassing tasks such as contract creation, timesheet recording, managing candidate compensations, and sending out invoices. OTYS offers robust software to simplify candidate recruitment, selection, and management. While we do have an Invoicing module, it is not the core purpose for which OTYS should be used. By incorporating Easyflex's expertise into OTYS Go!'s recruitment and selection tools, we ensure that our software becomes even more comprehensive, eliminating the need to switch between different programs.

The integration with Easyflex presents a significant advantage to our clients operating in the flexible industry: all actions within this payroll software can now be performed within OTYS. This marks the end of time-consuming administrative processes that necessitate constant toggling between different systems. As the entire process from candidate recruitment to payroll can be handled through OTYS Go!, it will undoubtedly introduce a notably more efficient way of working.

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