Interview tool

In the dynamic world of recruitment, interviews are increasingly taking place via videochat.

Simply smart interviewing

Whether it's a face-to-face conversation, a phone call, or a video interview, OTYS makes scheduling candidate interviews effortless. With our integrated video interview tools, you can choose the approach that suits you and your candidate best. But that's not all. All interview appointments are neatly synchronized with your Outlook or Google calendar, linked to your OTYS Calendar. This way, you always keep track and never lose your way.

Video Interview reinvented

The strength of OTYS lies in the seamless integration of your recruitment process with videochat tools. With Indeed Interview, for example, you can project a candidate's CV directly on the screen while the conversation is taking place. For Teams and Zoom, the functionality goes even further. You can take notes, fill out interview forms, and even initiate the next steps in the selection process, all without losing eye-contact with your candidate.

Discover the possibilities of OTYS and turn every video chat into a valuable conversation.