OTYS Go! Introducing the Revamped OTYS Kanban

OTYS introduced Kanban screens in 2013. The current Kanban screen is nice to use but was rather difficult to configure and only available in the vacancy module in OTYS.

The new Kanban screen will be available from the start in vacancies and also in candidate module. The screen can be displayed as a tab. It is also possible to show related info in the Kanban. For instance, for candidates in procedure step Interview by phone it is possible to show a related calendar item and if you like a more simple screen without a lot of information the Kanban screen can look more like the current one.

The new Kanban screens are configured automatically and will be introduced over time in many more screens in OTYS Go! such as OTYS tasks and OTYS Sales tracker to quickly followup on deals & leads by our sales and business development oriented users.

The new Kanban boards for candidates and vacancies will be available in all editions of OTYS Go! as per September of this year.

If you're still using an older version of OTYS, please contact OTYS Customer Success to explore the possibilities of acquiring a new version.