Partner Solution for Identifying Latent Job Seekers and Automatically Screening Applicants Through AI. creates social media recruitment campaigns linked to an AI-based WhatsApp robot. Through an automated dialogue, the candidate's profile is compiled. If they meet the strict requirements of the job listing, the candidate can immediately schedule an appointment with the recruiter, and the applicant is placed in OTYS. brings open positions to the attention of a new target group, making applying for jobs more accessible. Moreover, recruiters save a lot of time as only serious, reachable, and qualified applicants are forwarded.

Advantages of Stokstaartjes & OTYS

  • Find applicants who are normally hard or impossible to reach
  • All applicants meet the basic requirements of the job listing due to automatic screening
  • Work in one environment: all applicants immediately available within OTYS
  • Applicants can independently schedule an appointment, resulting in unparalleled accessibility
  • Significant time savings for the recruiter, enabling more efficient and enjoyable work
  • No IT or marketing knowledge required: manages the entire process and automatically integrates with the client's OTYS environment.

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