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Do you have a Recruitment agency looking for a better way to streamline the selection process? Or are you not satisfied with your current ATS system and want to switch to an advanced solution?

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Quickly and easily place the right candidates

At OTYS we understand the daily obstacles and challenges in the Recruitment market like no other. Our ATS system improves your process and places the right candidates at the right positions.

OTYS has been developed for recruiters, by recruiters, providing the information and efficiency you need to quickly place the best candidate.

The all-in-one system

With OTYS you no longer have to work with separate systems and modules. Our all-in-one system takes care of all your needs from start to finish. And best of all? Our package is easy to maintain, so that you can manage the entire process even as a one-person operator.

The all-in-one system

Improve the candidate experience

Improve the candidate experience in the Recruitment market. Switch easily with candidates and contacts, and distribute vacancies effortlessly through various channels. Access valuable insights, such as:

  • The communication history
  • Ongoing procedures
  • Reports

Reach potential candidates on the right platforms for maximum visibility of your vacancies.

Get rid of frustrations with current systems

We also understand the dissatisfaction with current systems. Finding the right candidates in a competitive market can be challenging. The use of Excel or other tools often does not provide a good overview, so that you miss out. With OTYS that is a thing of the past. Our system offers full GDPR compliance (a nice extra feature) and gives you better insight into your database. You can build talent pools and improve your processes and procedures using workflows and automations.

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OTYS' ATS offers you all possibilities and freedom to structure your bookcase according to your own taste and insights. But to make the right choices in this, you must have the right vision about your specific market.

Jeffrey van Oostrum
Owner Blue Beaver

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