Unlock the full potential of your projects with the dynamic capabilities of Kanban boards. Visualize and streamline your recruitment process effortlessly.

The Power of Kanban boards

The OTYS Kanban boards are specially designed for recruiters, providing not only clarity but also simplifying planning, allowing you to seamlessly move candidates through various stages using drag-and-drop.

Seamless integration with your recruitment workflow

OTYS Kanban boards seamlessly integrate with our suite of powerful features, including jobpostings, workflows, and tasks. This means you can centralize and visualize all your recruitment activities within one integrated platform.

Deep integration for enhanced efficiency

With the deep integration of Kanban boards into your recruitment workflow, tracking candidate progress and assigning tasks becomes a breeze, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruitment process.

Effortless real-time Collaboration

Save time and streamline your efforts by automatically sending follow-up emails to candidates as you move items across the Kanban board.

Improved team communication

Through OTYS Kanban boards, you can engage with candidates and keep them informed about the progress of their application. With just a few clicks, you can send personalized emails, leaving candidates with a professional and well-organized impression.

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Thomas van Schaik Manager Customer Success