Reports & BI

Explore a wide range of standard reports, offering comprehensive insights into your recruitment and selection process. OTYS provides data on applicant sources, hiring stages, quotes, conversations, and in-depth analyses for your needs.

OTYS Reports allows you to analyse the following data:

  • Applications
  • Application process
  • Application sources
  • Deals & Leads
  • CRM
  • Talentpool
  • Interviews and Appointments
  • Placements
  • Timesheets
  • Tasks

Custom reports for your unique needs

Within OTYS, we offer the flexibility to configure custom reports, tailored to your unique requirements. Whether you want to track individual recruiters or measure performance at a team, regional, or branch level, OTYS is here for you.

Integration with external data for comprehensive insight

If your organization uses back-office and financial applications, we can establish seamless integrations. Our partners, such as Recbi, ensure that all your relevant data comes together. Furthermore, you can effortlessly exchange data with popular tools like Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik.

Make data accessible with our standard integrations

Our existing standard integrations make it possible to present reports from external tools directly within OTYS to the right users. This keeps you fully informed and allows you to act quickly and purposefully.

Optimize your recruitment and selection with accurate insights, custom reports, and seamless integrations.