3 essential features for every Corporate Recruiter

As a corporate recruiter, your primary goal is simple: find the best candidate for the job as quickly as possible. While this may sound straightforward, it’s not always easy to achieve. However, there are some features that can significantly simplify this process.

Imagine being able to schedule an appointment without any back-and-forth calls or emails. Or having a clear and consistent overview of all CVs, allowing each decision-maker to assess them quickly and effectively. And what if you could track exactly which stage each candidate is at in the application process for various vacancies?

In this blog, we discuss three essential features every corporate recruiter should know to work more efficiently and find the best candidates. Discover how these features function and why they are indispensable for your success as a recruiter.

The Appointment scheduler

How often do you lose time emailing back and forth to find a suitable time for an appointment? This process can be frustratingly long and often inefficient. An appointment scheduler is your best friend in this scenario. This tool integrates with your digital calendars and enables quick and efficient scheduling without constantly switching between different platforms.

Imagine you want to schedule a meeting between your manager, Samir, and candidate, Fenna. The appointment scheduler easily integrates with Microsoft 365 calendars, giving you access to your colleagues' schedules. With just a few clicks, you can schedule the meeting between Samir and Fenna.

Every time you schedule an appointment, you save about 10 minutes. Calculate how much time that saves you in a week!

The Calendar Options Wizard

You might wonder, can the candidate schedule an appointment themselves? It’s great that it fits Samir’s schedule, but Fenna has her own calendar too. To answer that question: absolutely! This is where the 'Calendar Options Wizard' comes in.

This existing feature, integrated into the OTYS system, allows Fenna to schedule her own meeting and see only Samir’s available times. This not only enhances her experience as a candidate by giving her more control but also strengthens your organization's image.

The Online CV Presentation

Consistently presenting candidate profiles to internal managers is crucial, as you likely know. Inconsistent CV presentations can lead to confusion and make the decision-making process difficult for your organization’s decision-makers. How can you ensure that every CV looks polished and convincing?

An online CV presentation tool ensures a uniform and compelling display of candidates. This simplifies comparison between candidates and ensures you don’t store sensitive information, making it GDPR compliant.

This feature extracts key information from CVs, allowing you to make adjustments as necessary. You can customize the CV presentation settings to match your company's branding, perfect for professional CV presentations.

Like the appointment scheduler, this feature saves you a lot of time. The uniform presentation allows evaluators to quickly scan, compare, and assess CVs. You can also add extra information to each CV as a recruiter and move the process forward directly, ensuring a smooth workflow.

The Kanban Tool

Keeping track of the recruitment process can be overwhelming, especially when managing multiple candidates at different stages. Fortunately, the “Kanban tool” offers a solution. This tool provides a visual overview of all ongoing processes, allowing you to manage efficiently and switch quickly. It also includes an automation tool to set up workflows. For instance, candidates can receive automated follow-up emails, or additional information can be requested or updated.

You can use the Kanban tool in two ways. First, you can manage an overview of all vacancies and candidates. Second, you can visualize the process per vacancy.

Kanban at the process level | an overview of all your assigned vacancies

This Kanban board clearly shows the status of all your vacancies and where each candidate is in the process. This way, you know the next step for each candidate who applied to your company.

You have the option to filter by vacancies and view the process per candidate. You can also add notes. This feature prevents human errors, ensures nothing is overlooked, keeps everything in one place, and provides peace of mind. Say goodbye to Excel files!

Overview at the vacancy level

To gain even more clarity, you can view the status per vacancy. There are various steps, from new applications to first/second interviews to making an offer or rejecting a candidate.

For example, let’s revisit Fenna from our earlier story. She has had a second interview and is in that stage. Your company decides to hire her. You can easily move Fenna to the next phase using the drag-and-drop function, which can also trigger an automated workflow. This is incredibly useful for gaining insight into the status of each vacancy and knowing the next steps.

This prevents overlooking certain steps and provides a pleasant experience for the candidate, which can make a significant difference compared to competing organizations. A win-win!

Time for the fun parts of recruitment

Let’s be honest, administrative tasks are not the most exciting part of your job as a recruiter or HR manager. You prefer to spend as little time as possible on these tasks, as they are not why you chose this career. The features mentioned in this blog make your job a bit more enjoyable and easier.

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