Work smarter and faster with Dashboarding! Recbi assists parties within the recruitment industry in extracting more value from their data through insightful dashboards.

As specialists in analytics within the labor market mediation, they understand the challenges of this industry like no other. By combining their extensive market knowledge with their passion for data and their knowledge of OTYS, they can quickly provide the insights needed to make your business smarter and faster.

Dashboarding is a powerful way to visualize data and present it in an organized manner. Recbi offers solutions in the form of standard packages, allowing you to get started with dashboarding quickly. They also provide custom solutions, tailoring a solution precisely to your needs.

Multiple Data Sources

In addition to data from OTYS, they can integrate other sources into the dashboards. This includes back-office packages, time tracking systems, or accounting software. They also connect with marketing-related packages like Google Analytics. Nowadays, virtually all data is accessible and can be integrated into the dashboards.

Various BI Tools

Recbi is familiar with multiple BI tools, including Tableau and PowerBI. This enables them to provide the best solution for your specific situation and data. Through the combination of these tools and their expertise in recruitment analytics, they can quickly get to the core of your data and provide key insights.

Understand Your Data

Understanding your data is crucial for making better decisions and growing your business. Recbi understands this like no other and helps you comprehend the data and gain the right insights. This can assist in identifying new opportunities, making better decisions, and staying ahead of the competition.

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