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Optimize your recruitment process with Talentpools.

Recruiting can be tough, especially for passive candidates and tight deadlines. OTYS offers a comprehensive solution. Whether you need to hire at scale, find niche skills, or streamline recruitment, OTYS Go! has you covered. Effortlessly overcome your challenges with our software.

Build a resilient Talentpool and achieve long-term success

The integration of Textkernel's CV parsing technology into OTYS Go! elevates talent matching precision. Textkernel's advanced parsing captures intricate CV details comprehensively. This level of sophistication refines matches with unparalleled precision, considering both explicit qualifications and nuanced skills. This added insight is pivotal in connecting talents with ideal opportunities seamlessly.

Unlock the full potential of matching with Actonomy in OTYS Go!

Actonomy brings a cutting-edge semantic matching capability to the table, coupled with the ability to dissect structured data and analyze unstructured text, including CVs, cover letters, and vacancy descriptions. The result? Superior matching results that empower you to make more precise and efficient talent placements.

Why Actonomy stands out

Actonomy Semantic Matching

Actonomy's semantic matching engine understands context and meaning, uncovering hidden connections and skills, ensuring you find the ideal candidate.

Structured Data Analysis

Actonomy excels in structured data analysis, dissecting profiles and job requisitions with unmatched accuracy, enabling precise matches based on criteria.

Unstructured Text Analysis

Actonomy's text analysis extracts hidden insights from CVs, cover letters, and vacancy texts, enhancing candidate matching based on experience and fit.

Advanced Matching

By combining semantic matching, structured data analysis, and unstructured text comprehension, we achieve matching results. Expect increased efficiency.

Discover the power of matching in OTYS Go!