CV Parsing

In collaboration with Textkernel, OTYS offers robust CV parsing capabilities that streamline your recruitment process.

Streamlining candidate journeys

Our integration seamlessly incorporates parsing into application forms on websites and OTYS Remote Apply, ensuring a smooth candidate journey from the very beginning.

Automating CV Parsing with OTYS

With our OTYS Auto TK feature, candidates' CVs in your database lacking parsing are automatically processed. Even emails from candidates or suppliers can be effortlessly parsed by OTYS TK Reader, creating applications with parsed CVs. This automation enhances efficiency, saving valuable time.

From parsing to matching

These parsed CVs are seamlessly integrated into Actonomy for powerful search and match capabilities. Having both the original and parsed CVs allows recruiters to search and match in unstructured and structured data using a single tool, providing unparalleled convenience and precision in candidate selection.

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Thomas van Schaik Manager Customer Success