OTYS Remote Apply increases effectiveness

Recruiting the right staff has rarely been so challenging before. And in such a tight labor market, it is important to stand out with your vacancy. These days, there are as many as four times more vacancies than jobseekers. How do you achieve more success in recruitment? By knowing where your candidates are and on which channels you have the highest chance of success. To help you achieve your objectives, assembling the right mix, supporting you in making the right choices, OTYS analyses the performance of its clients' main recruitment sources every year.

What are the most valuable channels for recruiting new employees?  

Below is a summary of the key results. We do not have the full Source of Hire report in English yet, but we are sure that these insights of the Dutch market offer some great take-aways nonetheless! 

The Source of Hire report examines sourcing channels used to recruit new employees. In this we look at the following three key metrics:

  • Attracting (new) talent through maximum visibility of the job posting
  • Converting talent through optimal allure of the job posting
  • Hiring talent through correctly placed vacancies among your target group

And, what can we see? For each stage and for achieving each key metric, a different channel is better suited. A search engine like Google is best for generating website traffic to your vacancies. Social media channels are better for recruiting candidates. But, Indeed remains the most important Source of Hire for OTYS clients overall.

The trend through the years 

Hiring new employees is the end goal. Indeed has been supplying the majority of all hires to OTYS clients since 2018. Three years in a row, the job board accounts for at least 50% of all candidates hired. As a search engine, Google still stands out. Although it has lost share in recent years, it still accounts for 14% of all hires. Linkedin and Facebook are the leading social media channels, and Nationale Vacaturebank closes the top 5 this year.

Investing in connections proves to be fruitful 

The intensive collaboration that OTYS and Indeed have is paying off. In recent years we have only been improving this connection between OTYS and the job board. As the first Dutch supplier of recruitment software, we were the Star Partner of Indeed (now changed to Official Silver Partner). For instance, OTYS Remote Apply makes it possible to apply directly to Indeed. According to Indeed, this results in 30% more clicks on vacancies by candidates. The vacancies and candidates are also automatically synchronized between OTYS and Indeed, so you are always provided with the most up-to-date information and candidates.

The final result? 

An increase in the number of high-quality candidates in OTYS. Without OTYS Remote Apply enabled, the share of candidates through Indeed is 28%. However, when we include applications directly on the external job board, the share rises to an overwhelming 47%.

Make conversion rate your top priority 

Determining the effectiveness of a recruitment source is essential for successful candidate recruitment. One of the key metrics to measure this effectiveness is the conversion rate.

From job application to placement 

When we look at conversion rates, we can actually see that the sources that generate relatively low traffic do show the highest conversion rates. And, they are often cheaper than the big ones. All the more reason to focus on the more specialized recruitment sites, such as technical vacancies or temporary assignments.

Looking at the conversion rate from application to placement, joof.nl in particular has been extremely successful in 2022. Some other sources with a high percentage of high-quality candidates: freelance.nl, adzuna.nl, marktplaats.nl and roc.nl.

Keep experimenting with your optimal mix 

Ultimately, your optimal mix depends entirely on your industry, your goals and even your specific vacancy. Hopefully, these insights can serve as a helping hand. 

Feel free to contact us to spar with one of customer success managers on how to get the most out or our software. Like when for example you don't have OTYS Remote Apply enabled yet. Or when you want to know more about our multipost network. 

We wish you the best of luck!