New collaboration: OTYS and Otentica join forces for efficient screening

OTYS announces a new partnership with Otentica, offering users the ability to efficiently screen candidates from within their familiar OTYS environment, streamlining and enhancing the recruitment process.

The importance of thorough screening

Otentica emphasizes the crucial role of thorough screening in recruitment. Research indicates that applicants sometimes provide incorrect information to improve their chances, posing a challenge for organizations lacking the capacity to assess risks adequately. The integration between OTYS and Otentica not only increases efficiency but also ensures compliance with laws and regulations, preventing information fragmentation within organizations (GDPR).

Key benefits of the OTYS and Otentica collaboration

  • Save time: The system automatically follows up with new candidates, eliminating the need for manual follow-up.
  • Reduce errors: Validation ensures data accuracy, eliminating mistakes.
  • Enhanced user experience: Optimizes the candidate experience by allowing document submission at their convenience, without constant reminders.
  • Personal recognition: Everything is presented in your company's branding for seamless integration.

Integration features

The integration involves collecting data from applicants, verified through the system, including:

  • Identity verification: Simple validation of identity documents, personal data, and IBAN information.
  • Diplomas: Direct linkage to the DUO database for accurate verification.
  • Professional registrations: Documents and certificates linked to CIGB and SKJ.
  • Certificate of conduct: Digitally request and verify a Certificate of Conduct (VOG).

About OTYS and otentica

Together, OTYS and Otentica enable organizations to streamline their recruitment process and ensure candidate integrity, helping them make the right choices for their teams.

For more information about the OTYS and Otentica integration, please click here and contact us.