Meet OTYS Placements, your comprehensive tool for gathering, storing, and seamlessly managing all data essential for placements, whether it's for assignments or temporary jobs. From worker details to customer requests, it streamlines the process.

Effortless integration for seamless recruitment operations

OTYS Placements ensures data compliance and connects effortlessly with various back-office tools like Easyflex, AFAS, Mysolution, Pivoton, Helloflex, Prato, Easypay, Nocore, Brightstaffing, Datev, Landwehr, and more. 

Effortless recruitment

This integration simplifies payroll and billing, making your recruitment processes efficient and error-free. Trust OTYS Placements to handle the complexity, so you can focus on finding the perfect match for your clients and candidates while ensuring seamless operations.

Experience the efficiency today