Search & Match

Actonomy introduces an innovative semantic matching capability, complemented by the capacity to dissect structured data and analyze unstructured text, encompassing CVs, cover letters, and vacancy descriptions. Here's why Actonomy in OTYS Go! truly shines:

Semantic Excellence

Actonomy's semantic matching engine goes beyond keywords, understanding word context and nuances, revealing hidden connections and crucial skills missed by traditional searches.

Data Precision

Actonomy excels in structured data analysis, accurately pinpointing key attributes in candidate profiles and job requisitions, streamlining matches based on specific criteria.

Text Insight

Actonomy extracts valuable information from CVs, cover letters, and job descriptions, providing actionable insights for identifying candidates with the right qualifications and cultural fit.

Matching secret weapon

Actonomy in OTYS Go! is your precision matching secret weapon, connecting talents with opportunities, eliminating misses, and enhancing talent acquisition.

And the precision continues

Integrated seamlessly into OTYS Go!, Textkernel's CV parsing elevates matching accuracy to new heights. Advanced parsing captures CV nuances, allowing precise matches based on subtle skills and experiences, connecting talents with ideal opportunities.

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Thomas van Schaik Manager Customer Success