New Version of OTYS Go!

We are proud to announce that we will roll out a new version of OTYS Go! with a new UX design, color scheme and improved quick access menu.

The new version of OTYS Go! is more modern and prepared for a dark mode that will be introduced at a later stage as well.

There are many small and large improvements. This new version allows us to introduce new functionalities such as the Quick Search, Instant Match and Daily History functions but also makes the application easier to navigate due to the use of a consistent color scheme.

Although the current OTYS Go! does have a lot of color, it did not have specific colors for each module separately. This can cause confusion, especially for new users. In the new version, each module will have a specific color that will be used in the menu, dashboard, list screen and detail screens. This way it is easy to see where you are at any time.

The new version of OTYS Go! has been thoroughly tested by more than 1500 users during the last 6 months. Starting September 1st it will be available for every user. If you want to use it earlier, please let us know. To make the transition smoothly users can switch back and forth between the current ‘old’ version and the new version of OTYS Go!. When everybody is used to this new version the old version will be switched off for good.

The new version will be available for free across all editions of OTYS Go! 

If you're still using an older version of OTYS, please contact OTYS Customer Success to explore the possibilities of acquiring the newest version