OTYS Go! Feature: Revamped Quick Search

A typical day for a recruiter doesn't always go as planned. People can be unpredictable, and job applicants are no exception. This means recruiters working in an ATS such as OTYS Go! often must switch between various screens. OTYS Go! has had a Quick Search function for many years. But as things go the old Quick Search was really getting ‘old’ or maybe becoming a bit ‘obsolete’, depending on which customer we asked.

Improving the Quick Search function in OTYS ranked very high on the wish-list of many recruiters using OTYS Go! Therefore, I am delighted to announce that a completely revamped Quick Search is live as of last week in the new version of OTYS Go!

The new Quick Search will allow you to start a search from every screen and find the right candidate, contact person, or job vacancy by just typing a few characters in the search bar. 

Once you have selected the correct candidate, contact, vacancy or customer file you can use the new Quick Actions menu to create a note, reminder, task, etc. without actually leaving the screen where you were working when you started the search.

This feature is available for free across all editions of new OTYS Go!

If you're still using an older version of OTYS, please contact OTYS Customer Success to explore the possibilities of acquiring a new version.

BTW ‘The Quick Action menu introduced in the Quick Search will be added in many new or improved functions in new OTYS Go!