OTYS Go! Feature: GPT Integration

The use of ChatGPT within recruitment is widespread. Many of OTYS’ competitors have added integrations with ChatGPT and offer an AI assisted vacancy editor. In OTYS this feature has been available for a few months now via partners such as Cortexter and Textmetrics.

Of course we have been busy integrating AI tools ourselves, but we have decided to do this in full compliance with GDPR.

So, we did not integrate ChatGPT, but we have integrated OTYS with GPT. We have our own GPT server located in Amsterdam. This also means that all your data remains in our care and that it stays within the EU as well. There is no possibility that data shared via OTYS-GPT will be shared openly, as might be the case when you use ChatGPT.

 We have also chosen not to only build the 'next' vacancy writer feature, but we have integrated OTYS-GPT in each screen of new version of OTYS Go!

You’ll find the assistant in your vacancy modules as well as in the email, in the candidate screens, CRM, placements etc. For instance, if you want to propose a CV to your client OTYS-GPT can help in writing an introduction for your candidate from the screen you are using now as well.

In each text editor widget or screen in new OTYS Go! you’ll see the OpenAI logo, indicating OTYS-GPT is available for you. We have made options available for summarizing, translating and beautifying texts. And next to the prompts OTYS engineers have created you can also use your own prompts if you want.

The OTYS-GPT screen will be rolled out in the following months and available in all editions of OTYS Go!  If you're still using an older version of OTYS, please contact OTYS Customer Success to explore the possibilities of acquiring the new version.