ChatGPT and Textmetrics: The Future of Recruitment

ChatGPT and Textmetrics: mix the two for the best results!

Brand new and ready to use; Textmetrics has undergone a total makeover. Not only that, are you ready for the future of recruitment? Get ready!

Surely you’ve heard of ChatGPT. A tool used for easy, quick content to make your e-mail just a tad funnier, or completely unburdens you when making your shopping list for dinner with your friends. Super convenient, of course!

But how does AI help you write your job postings?

Very simple: by mixing ChatGPT with Textmetrics' smart algorithms!

Step 1. Kindly ask ChatGPT to write an ironclad job description for you.

-> It feels a bit generic, don't you think? Indeed, it is! Something mega important is missing, which is: Your organization's employer branding and tone of voice!

Step 2. So you copy the text into Textmetrics and it gives you instant feedback and suggestions for improvement. Yes, wow! All on-brand, gender-inclusive and readable for your target audience.

Step 3. It's almost impossible to imagine, but we're going to make it even easier for you. We are currently working intensely to integrate ChatGPT into Textmetrics so you can do all your writing in one place!

Relax, the AI of the future does the thinking for you.

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