OTYS Go! New Interview planner

During conversations with our users, we've noticed that most candidate interviews take place using tools such as Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, or Indeed Interview. Many of our customer’s beautifully decorated meeting rooms are now either unused or repurposed as spacious Video Interview rooms.

At OTYS, we're addressing this by introducing new and improved tools for scheduling and conducting video interviews.

Over the next few months, we will be introducing several new tools to make this easier and faster. Interview planning will become easier and will be seamlessly integrated with your Outlook or Google calendar, a significant improvement over the current available integrations.

This feature will be available for free across all editions of new OTYS Go! 

If you're still using an older version of OTYS, please contact OTYS Customer Success to explore the possibilities of acquiring a new version.

BTW ‘The new planner will only work with the scheduling features of M365 or Google calendars and sadly not with the OTYS native calendar. Connecting the native OTYS calendar with your Outlook or Google calendar is easy and the connectors are free to use. Check the FAQ in your OTYS account on how to setup the connection’.