NIXZ Plugin

Streamline your recruitment effortlessly with our groundbreaking solution in the staffing sector.


Unleash the potential of NIXZ Plugin (SimpleRecruiter) and OTYS integration

Leverage the full capabilities of both platforms through our advanced integration of SimpleRecruiter and OTYS.

Discover candidates

The 'SimpleRecruiter Google Chrome Plugin' seamlessly blends OTYS with renowned jobboards such as LinkedIn, Indeed,, and Xing, enabling a seamless transfer of discovered candidates from SimpleRecruiter directly into OTYS.

Enhance efficiency and foster seamless collaboration

Supercharge your recruitment process with NIXZ Plugin, saving precious time in the staffing domain. Import candidates directly from LinkedIn into OTYS, ensuring all vital candidate details reside in a single location.

Optimize the recruitment process

Easily share candidate data, leave notes, and exchange feedback. Stay informed and optimize the recruitment process.

Find the right talent for your organization.