The Next Crowd


The Next Crowd, a label under Getnoticed, specializes in online recruitment and has developed its own formula consisting of a combination of product and service. The product is the temporary "Work-at" site (a dedicated template developed specifically for this purpose). We use this site to optimize the service (marketing support and traffic procurement), aiming to generate higher conversion rates. This combination, coupled with the expertise of our marketers, has proven successful across many industries.

As a label under Getnoticed, The Next Crowd has developed an online recruitment formula consisting of a combination of product and service.

"Work-at" website live within 72 hours

The product is the "Work-at" site. This site serves as a representative business card. Unlike the corporate website, the organization is presented as an employer on the "Work-at" site. The Next Crowd's marketers manage all campaigns from this online environment and ensure a higher influx of candidates online. Vacancies are posted on around 20 job search engines (job boards) we collaborate with. Additionally, The Next Crowd handles marketing campaigns and strategically procures traffic from various sources. The Next Crowd takes over the entire online recruitment process.

With OTYS as a partner for ATS integrations, we can provide even better guidance to our clients. It's a great collaboration!

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