Are you looking for ways to attract more and better candidates while simultaneously saving time in the sourcing process?

Talentir can assist you with this. We offer solutions in the realm of Employer Branding, Recruitment Marketing, Tech & Tools to digitize your recruitment and hiring process.

What is Digital Talent Acquisition?

Digital Talent Acquisition involves various activities such as enhancing the visibility of your employer brand, increasing interactions with candidates, and placing candidates. By executing these activities in the right manner, you can cut costs and enhance the value of your candidates.

At Talentir, we help OTYS users leverage Digital Talent Acquisition to the fullest. We've developed our own models to customize and implement Digital Talent Acquisition for Employers and Agencies, making our approach unique and data-driven.

This includes:

  • Utilizing Recruitment Marketing Automation in conjunction with the OTYS ATS.
  • Mapping and translating employer branding to the website.
  • Intelligent recruitment campaigns across multiple channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Linkedin, Github, TikTok, etc.
  • Designing and setting up (job vacancy or careers) websites.
  • Identifying and engaging the right target audience.
  • Analyzing and optimizing campaign data.

Measurement is Knowledge

Do you want to not only receive more candidates but more importantly, receive higher quality candidates?

Then Talentir is your partner. Effective use of OTYS is essential to measure quality. After all, measurement leads to knowledge, right?

By effectively utilizing OTYS based on Talentir's advice, you're continuously informed about the recruitment/marketing data you desire, including:

  • Number of applicants per media channel.
  • Number of conversions per media channel.
  • Insights into 'Source of Hire.'
  • Insights and reduction of 'Cost per hire/applicant.'

Why Choose OTYS Partner?

One of the founders of Talentir is a former employee of OTYS, which means Talentir possesses extensive knowledge and experience about the capabilities of OTYS software.

This offers several advantages for you as an OTYS user:

  • Talentir understands the challenges faced by Agencies and HR like no other. Talentir is well-versed in the functionalities of OTYS.
  • Talentir is happy to advise you about OTYS's partner landscape.
  • Quick onboarding: Marketing and recruitment data becomes visible in OTYS in a short time.
  • With Talentir, answers about the use of OTYS are always close at hand!

Want to become a partner?