At OTYS, we are committed to providing the best possible solutions to our clients by harnessing the strengths of our partners.

OTYS' API-first strategy

Our API-First strategy is designed to create a collaborative ecosystem, allowing clients to access a "best of breed" solution through seamless partnerships with external parties.

Building collaboration

The OTYS Go! Partner Framework is the foundation of our commitment to fostering a collaborative and integrated environment. It facilitates the creation of a diverse ecosystem of solutions for the benefit of our clients and partners alike.

Webservices at the core of OTYS solutions

Webservices Integration lies at the heart of our software solution. Every action performed within the OTYS Go! interface is executed through web service requests, making it possible for external partners to access and leverage these services comprehensively.

OTYS' API-first approach and partner framework

By embracing our "API-first" strategy and the OTYS Go! Partner Framework, we ensure that our clients can tap into a wide range of solutions while continuing to leverage their core strengths.

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Thomas van Schaik Manager Customer Success