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More and more customers choose for a website on the popular CMS platform WordPress. For this reason, OTYS has built a plugin itself that can be downloaded from the WordPress store. The advantage of the OTYS plugin is that it is seamlessly integrated with OTYS Go! This means that the company that manages your WordPress website does not have to make complex integrations. In addition, you can be sure that all updates within OTYS will not affect the functioning of your website.

In the admin panel of the plugin, you manage various things. Such as whether or not to show the match criteria and which emails should be sent. You do this once, so you don't have to worry about it afterwards. OTYS and the plugin fit together perfectly. Publish a vacancy in Go! and it appears on the website without delay.

During the application, the OTYS question set is used. After the application, the candidate is automatically added and linked to the vacancy and the candidate and recruiter receive an confirmation email regarding the application. The WordPress plugin contains everything needed for a good vacancy site.

Summarizing the main points:

  • Job List
  • Job filters
  • Search by keyword
  • Vacancy details
  • Application form with OTYS question set
  • Set up email notifications

Have we aroused your interest?

Do you want to know more about the possibilities that the WordPress Plugin has to offer and / or discuss whether this is the best choice for your organization and wishes. Please visit the OTYS page on WordPress, or contact us via the button below. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


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