In the world of recruitment technology, security and access control are essential. OTYS ABAC, or Attribute Based Access Control, empowers organizations to fine-tune access privileges based on user roles and types, offering heightened control and security.


Enhanced control with OTYS ABAC
When dealing with personal data, security and control access are vital. OTYS ABAC (Attribute Based Access Control) allows you to define permissions based upon 'attributes' (like office location, department and job title). This not only increases security and control, but also makes user management much easier.

See what is relevant for you
A recruiter normally has other needs than a marketeer. Therfore OTYS ABAC also allows you to customize the OTYS experience further based upon these attributes, for example specific dashboards, views & filters per department so that users see what is relevant for them.

Protecting sensitive information
Safeguarding sensitive candidate, vacancy, placement and customer data is essential for recruimtent. OTYS ABAC can make sure that information is only available for the users that should have access to that information. This preserves data integrity and privacy. You clients can trust that their data is protected.

Integrate with your central user management
If you want to, you can even integrate OTYS ABAC with your central user management (for example Azure). This way if you create a new Azure / Office 365 account, a new OTYS account is automatically created with (based upon for example office location, department and job title) the correct permissions and a tailored experience.

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Thomas van Schaik Manager Customer Success