AcademicTransfer is the career platform for working in academia. This platform has been developed for every academic at any stage of their career. Here, you will find job openings from universities, colleges, research institutes, and much more.

OTYS has established a connection with AcademicTransfer, allowing job postings from AcademicTransfer to be multiposted on an OTYS website. With AcademicTransfer, it is possible to place paid job vacancies on the job board for highly educated individuals. These vacancies are then distributed again through various channels. An example of this is the NRC Career platform.

AcademicTransfer is the job site with the most comprehensive offering of research vacancies in the Netherlands. Since 1997, AcademicTransfer has been recruiting for all research positions, both nationally and internationally, for Dutch Universities, University Medical Centers (UMC), and research institutions. Nearly all universities of applied sciences and research-intensive businesses such as ASML, Philips, Unilever, Wetsus, and TNO have already successfully utilized our services.

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