Aircall enables teams of all sizes to conduct phone conversations across the globe. Within minutes, you can set up your call center with powerful analytics tools to manage and analyze all your activity. Aircall seamlessly integrates all your business tools and workflows through robust and efficient integrations.

Now, enhance your OTYS software with comprehensive phone capabilities using the Aircall integration. Gain access to candidate information from an Aircall phone call and automatically track all your phone activity in OTYS. Recordings, notes, call duration, and participants: never lose sight of your customer and candidate again.

The benefits of Aircall & OTYS

Click to Call
With the OTYS & Aircall integration, you can initiate phone calls effortlessly from your OTYS system. Just one click is all it takes. Eliminate the need to switch between systems and boost your team's productivity with swift calls.

Automatically in Sync with OTYS
Every call you make is logged in OTYS. Recordings, notes, labels, and other information are automatically stored in the candidate dossier. Collaborating with a team has never been this seamless.

Candidate Information Directly in Aircall
For both incoming and outgoing calls, candidate information and a link to their profile are displayed in Aircall. This way, you know exactly who you're speaking with and can easily navigate to relevant information.

Powerful Call Center Features
Benefit from Aircall's call center capabilities. Gain detailed insights into all phone conversations, assign calls to other colleagues and teams, create advanced rules and workflows, and track all your phone activities in real time with a live feed.

Remote and On-Site
With the Aircall desktop and mobile apps, you can use your work phone anytime, anywhere. Aircall is 100% cloud-based, providing even more flexibility for you and your team to work seamlessly.

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