AndMore helps organizations gain control of their data, enabling them to add extra value to their business.

Discover OTYS Insights.

With OTYS Insights, you transition from OTYS Data to OTYS Information, catering to the recruitment, staffing, and temporary employment industries. OTYS Insights empowers you to swiftly convert OTYS data into information, allowing data analysis from any platform or device at any time, and providing real-time insights. It includes:

  • An overview of revenue versus target.
  • The number of job vacancies and positions.
  • The number of placements.
  • A breakdown by location/unit.
  • An overview of procedures categorized by:
    • Clients
    • Status
    • Positions
    • Candidates
  • Data quality status, making it visible where and how you can enhance data quality.

All this information is easily and visually searchable, filterable, and selectable, providing you with quicker and more comprehensive insights.

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