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OTYS Go! Recruitment & Sourcing

Curious about our Recruitment & Sourcing features? Then you’ve come to the right place.

The possibilities of OTYS Go! in the area of Recruitment & Sourcing are extensive, so on this page we give you a preview of several features. Would you like to see how these features work in practice? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to show you!

Multi-posting of job vacancies

The OTYS Multiposting Framework (OMF) has existed for years, and that is also one of the strengths of this feature. The framework makes multi-posting of your job vacancies fast, easy and efficient. You make a choice from the many platforms that we offer and your job vacancy is placed. You can also opt to be included in the Framework - in this way the OTYS ecosystem reinforces itself. As well as its own Framework, OTYS also offers ample possibilities for placing job vacancies through partners such as Indeed, InGoedeBanen, Recruitment Technologies and Vonq. And don’t forget your own recruitment website of course. With an OTYS website you’re assured of quality, branding and good online findability. 

Make optimal use of your database

OTYS has various features that make your working life easier. Take the Vacancy Parser Widget and our Autoscore functionality. Drag & drop a job vacancy into the widget and OTYS immediately makes matches with the candidates in your database, and these candidates are linked to the job vacancy. In this way you use your candidate database for active sourcing of candidates that you already have on record. This OTYS feature is made possible by the semantic search functionality of our integration partner Actonomy. A collaborative partnership that we’re proud of! With the short lists that you create in this way you can really start recruiting, and by using functionalities such as batch actions and the online Vacancy Presentation you can put OTYS to work to recruit candidates effectively and efficiently. So, that’s a lot of terms! Would you like further explanation? Watch the video or contact us. 


Databases in OTYS Go!

The above functionalities are of course handy, and can only come about when a platform offers linked databases. This is what OTYS does, and has done for years. OTYS also offers email and calendar solutions that enable case files to be automatically created at candidate, contact person, job vacancy and client level. In this way you have all the information you need in your recruitment process immediately to hand. 

Van Storm Recruitment

‘’I’ve had over ten years of experience with OTYS, in several companies. As a comprehensive solution for recording and monitoring the whole recruitment process, job posting and CRM, OTYS offers a wide range of possibilities for customisation based on your own work processes.’’

Eric Schiphorst


 ‘’OTYS helps us carry out our recruitment processes efficiently and well. We particularly like the linkage between our website and the actual application, and the extensive search options within the candidate database enable us to identify the right candidate.’’

Jan van Vroenhoven

Independent Recruiters

“By working closely together with OTYS to make the best possible use of the software, we’ve become a better business.’’

Olfertjan Niemijer

Jobco Support

“OTYS sees clients as guests and itself as the host. For OTYS it’s important to make every aspect of the customer experience a little bit better every day. Jobco Support appreciates that very much indeed!’’

Anja Veldhuizen

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