Better use of your own talentpool with Ratecard and IQ Select

Did you know that over 9% of your own candidate database is likely to be available directly or in the near future? Through the integration between OTYS and Ratecard, candidates with whom you've had past contact can easily be asked if they are currently or will soon be available. IQ Select has been using this integration for some time. Read on to discover their experiences.

Ratecard Services

  • Form builder
  • Recurring feedback
  • Review marketing

Soft recruitment at the heart of the process

Daan Cobelens and Jan Kievit are the founders of IQ Select, which has become the largest labor intermediary in the Netherlands for the Transport sector after over 5 years. "We focus on permanent jobs for truck drivers and sometimes call ourselves the supermarket for permanent jobs in transport," says Daan Cobelens about IQ Select.

They receive thousands of applicants each year. They don't just want to process this flow of candidates with OTYS; they also want to utilize these candidates whenever possible. By using the integration with Ratecard, candidates are asked twice a year if they are still available, if they might become available in the near future on the job market, and if they might know someone else who wants to work as a truck driver. "This receives a really good response. We consistently gain many new placements through this."

Ratecard founder Peter Sakkers can confirm this. "Candidates found and contacted in the past are often not considered when matching them with a job vacancy. This is, of course, a loss for any recruiter. Soft recruitment with OTYS and Ratecard increases the number of placements with little effort."

This is responded to really well. This is where we consistently gain many new placements.

Daan Cobelens
Director / Owner

Improvement through actual measurement

"As they say, 'knowledge is power,'" says Cobelens. This is one of the reasons why IQ Select chose the integration with Ratecard. "Ratecard provides us with a wealth of information about our performance and how candidates perceive us," says Cobelens.

Ratecard can do more than just inquire about availability. Feedback can be automatically collected on various aspects of your recruitment process. "It's an excellent way to assess how candidates rate their interactions and conversations with IQ Select employees. This feedback can also be used to optimize our services."

Today, the candidate experience is paramount, and you want to tailor it as optimally as possible for a candidate. This is impossible without valuable feedback from candidates.

It has been proven that Ratecard is indeed a unique and highly advantageous way to recruit candidates for OTYS users.

Peter Sakkers

A smooth implementation

 IQ Select was already using OTYS Go! as a recruitment system and Ratecard as a reputation management tool. Therefore, the implementation went very smoothly. "We already knew what we could do with Ratecard and configured our candidate system in such a way that Ratecard could use all the necessary information for mailings or questionnaires."

The tool was so well-received that Ratecard was the first and last partner they discussed it with. "It has been proven that Ratecard is a unique and highly advantageous way to recruit candidates for OTYS users," says Peter Sakkers.

The Result

"Digital recruitment is becoming increasingly important, and Ratecard is one of the essential building blocks for this," says Cobelens. Below you will find the impressive results that IQ Select wanted to share with us, in collaboration with Ratecard:

  • 37.6% filled from their own database
  • 2,907 responses
  • 914 "yes, available

Various possibilities are available within the Ratecard platform, from improving the candidate experience to managing your reputation. Curious about all the possibilities of Ratecard in combination with the OTYS system? Visit Ratecard's partner page on their website or send an email to