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Tap into your hidden talents through these five platforms with Booston

  • 09-09-2021 9:13 AM
Larissa Kampert
Written by
Larissa Kampert

As you may know, candidates today are even harder to find than ever. Often candidates are not actively looking for a job, but that is precisely where the challenge lies. They are active every day on various online platforms, such as: Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn and dozens of job boards. The trick is to appeal to this target group, but how?


Multiposting and autoposting
You may already be using various job boards such as Indeed and Monsterboard. Then there is probably a good chance that you spend too much money per candidate, while the response remains low. This is of course a waste of your time and especially of budget. It is therefore wise to spread your budget over various job boards and only boost a vacancy if it is really necessary. This way you’ll advertise at the right time and in the right place. Booston has a network of dozens of job boards and has already connected the best performing job boards for you for convenience. Is your job board not listed? No problem! An 'open' job board system makes it easy to add other channels. Booston also gives you clear reports, so that you know which vacancies actually bring in new employees.


Social media advertisement
It’s impossible to imagine our lives without social media these days, let alone in the recruitment profession. Creating ads on Facebook and Instagram is sensible, but can be very time-consuming. After all, you have to set up, monitor and optimize the ads to get the most out of them. Booston also likes to help here. They automatically create a social media ad for every vacancy that is created within OTYS. Publishing is a matter of a single mouse click.


Google for Jobs
Of course we can’t forget about Google for Jobs. After all, this is becoming increasingly important, but the competition is also very high. How do you ensure that your vacancies are quickly found on Google? This is where structured data comes in. Your vacancy texts must be complete and contain the correct information, such as: compensation, location and employment contract. These three points ensure that your vacancies shoot to the top. Whether you use an OTYS environment or Booston's CMS. We ensure that all your vacancies are Google for Jobs ready and easily indexable.


Jobs on Facebook
Most people don't know this yet, but Facebook also has a job board available. More and more candidates are looking for a new job on Facebook. It's a shame if you miss this opportunity. Would you like to reach talents in your area? Then use Booston to automate all your interactions via Jobs on Facebook. They do this by posting vacancies to managing job applications.


A good vacancy website
This may be a no-brainer, but it’s certainly worth mentioning. A good vacancy website also attracts new talent. Always make sure that the website is completely up-to-date and has no outdated texts. You also have to keep an eye on the candidate journey and continue to optimize it. Booston can easily link with your own website, but they also provide a CMS free of charge. With their CMS you can create a modern website with all the techniques you need. This website is fully optimized with all functionalities required for recruitment & selection and organizations for recruitment & temporary employment.


And one last tip: Stop manually posting vacancies and start with efficient job posting to appeal to your hidden talents right now. Do you want more information about Booston? Then click here. Do you want to apply for Booston? Fill in the form on the very same page.

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