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Track & Trace

Everyone knows the page where you can track an ordered package online. Strictly People, a recruitment agency for payroll administrators, developed, in collaboration with OTYS and Joboti, the first Track & Trace for job applicants in the Netherlands. In early 2020, Strictly People conducted a large-scale survey among job applicants. What they found was that 66% of applicants were dissatisfied with the application process at recruitment agencies. The biggest sources of dissatisfaction? Lack of feedback, long waiting times, and uncertainty about the status of their application.


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Examining the Candidate Journey

Inspired by the focus on customer satisfaction in e-commerce, Strictly People decided to collaborate with OneRetail, an e-commerce consultancy, to thoroughly examine the candidate journey. Waiting, in particular, was causing a lot of frustration among candidates; waiting for a response, waiting for an interview. While customers at online stores are kept well-informed about their orders, job applicants often receive only a confirmation email. Especially during a process that has such a significant impact, applicants should expect clarity. This is how the idea of providing candidates with insight and guidance through Track & Trace came about.

The Track & Trace portal is a significant step in the optimization of the candidate journey.

Wim van den Nobelen

Optimizing the Application Journey

Working together with OTYS, software and the website were integrated. In October, Strictly People launched Track & Trace. The optimal journey for candidates begins with the application, which can be completed within 1 minute through Joboti's chatbot. Then, each candidate receives a Track & Trace page. Through WhatsApp, facilitated by Joboti, candidates receive updates and, among other things, application tips. In Track & Trace, candidates can see if their application has been received and viewed, receive feedback, useful tips, and the entire chat history. Candidates can also contact the recruiter, provide feedback, and schedule appointments.

The Results

Track & Trace has significantly improved the candidate journey. The feedback from candidates has been very positive. Recruiters at Strictly People regularly receive emails or WhatsApp messages with positive feedback or thanks for the transparent process. Finally, another survey was conducted among candidates to measure satisfaction with the new application process. The following excellent results were obtained:

  1. An average rating of 9.1 for the entire application process.
  2. An average rating of 9.3 for Track & Trace.
  3. Improvement and acceleration of the application process.