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Streamline your entire recruitment process with a powerful software system. Optimal candidate and vacancy management, all within one system. Save time and achieve more successful placements!

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For recruiters, by recruiters

OTYS is the all-in-one recruitment software you need. Save up to 70% of your time and quickly recruit high-quality talent through our intelligent software. OTYS Go! is designed by recruiters, so we know precisely where you can save time and money:

  • Automate manual tasks and communication
  • Automatically create candidate and client profiles
  • Synchronize candidates and vacancies with external systems
  • Discover what OTYS can do for your specific field

OTYS on the Go!

OTYS on the Go! offers seamless database access, boosts connectivity, and facilitates stakeholder engagement. Joboti WhatsApp Business integration enables direct candidate and client interaction. Plus, conversation recording with VOIP system integration ensures efficient communication tracking. It's the all-in-one solution for mobile recruitment management. Stay ahead in talent acquisition.

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Streamlining recruitment for success

As a professional recruiter, you prefer to focus on core tasks, searching and placing candidates. OTYS offers the ultimate solution to transform the entire recruitment process, allowing your organization to concentrate on what truly matters. With OTYS software, you are relieved of administrative burdens, and you can set (recruitment) objectives through smart solutions for candidate, vacancy, and client management. 

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Unlock the full potential of your projects with the dynamic capabilities of Kanban boards

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Our advanced solution for uncovering and hiring top-tier talent.

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Experience clarity and organization like never before with OTYS's Salestracker, offering an insightful overview of all sales processes within your organization.

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Easily share candidate data, leave notes, and exchange feedback.

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OTYS' ATS offers you all possibilities and freedom to structure your bookcase according to your own taste and insights. But to make the right choices in this, you must have the right vision about your specific market.

Jeffrey van Oostrum
Owner Blue Beaver

Our old ATS was more of a CRM system without links to recruitment functionalities. That system couldn't keep up and facilitate our expansion; it was really reaching its limits. OTYS' ATS offered the best price/value solution for this.

Sven Isenbaert
Director-owner - 24/7 Drive